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About QEC

The facility represents a new level of excellence in the equine industry aiming to provide service and facilities second to none.

Quipolly Equine Centre exhibits the very best of attention and care given to your horse with 5 star accommodation and professional supervision given by our skilled staff.

Quipolly Equine Centre prides itself with continuing education of its staff and its dedication to Research & Development. Dr Leanne Polsen is visiting Weatherford Texas to work with many first class and experienced veterinarians that the equine industry in America has to offer.

The Centre is proud of its involvement in Research and Development concentrating in two areas

  1. Lameness in horses and stem cell research in joints and tendons, Quipolly has partnered with Regeneus of Sydney and Macquarie University these research projects.
  2. Infertility in stallions and semen processing This project is headed up by Professor John Aitken of Newcastle University and partnered by the Thoroughbred and Standardbred industry.

We are delighted with our newest piece of diagnostic equipment a first in Australia is the Equinosis Lameness Locator. The Lameness Locator is a non-invasive technology that utilises small, wireless body mounted sensors giving the veterinarian information on the amplitude of vertical movement of limbs involved and the stage of the motion cycle at which gait adnormalities associated with lameness that are occurring.

In this way, Quipolly Equine Centre can off the most up to date objective measure of lameness available in Australia today.

Quipolly Equine Centre is Australia’s leading facility with the very best of equipment and quality service.  An open invitation is given to all to come visit us by telephoning Katherine on 0467 462 088 or email qec@qvg.com.au.

Equipment at Quipolly

Hamilton Thorne CEROS computer assisted sperm analyser, combined with Olympus CX 41 phase contrast microscope and digital camera / monitor / warming stage.

These two items allow Quipolly Equine Centre to provide excellent assessment of equine sperm motility. In combination with experienced visual assessment, the computer assisted analysis allows detailed assessment of sperm viability including objective measures of sperm motion characteristics including percentage of motile sperm, percentage of progressively motile sperm, amplitude of lateral head displacement during forward movement, average path velocity in micrometres per second and curvilinear velocity.

Nucleocounter SP-100

This specialist device allows Quipolly Equine Centre to determine total cell concentration and viability of sperm in a fresh semen ejaculate, but also semen that has been extended for chilled transport or freezing by using the fluorescent probe propidium iodide which binds to the DNA of the sperm. It is an expensive item but has proved to provide more accurate and repeatable measurements, particularly at both very high and very low sperm concentrations. Other major advantages with this device is that aberrant debris don’t interfere with the sperm count and that it can be used in semen samples already mixed with non-optically clear extenders  such as milk / egg based extenders and freezing extenders. The major technical advantage this device provides Quipolly Equine Centre with is the ability to determine rapidly and accurately sperm concentration when adjusting dilutions for cooling or freezing semen or preparing small numbers of sperm for low-dose insemination.

Cryologic Cryobath CL-3303

This apparatus allows for liquid nitrogen freezing of prepared semen staws, or embryos, in a controlled rate, managed by computer software so as to provide added precision to cryopreservation of sperm and embryos. In addition to the devices above, this item allows Quipolly Equine Centre to deliver a supremely high quality and sophisticated service to stallion owners for the management of chilled-transported and cryopreserved semen.