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Research and Development at Quipolly

Quipolly Equine Centre is involved in two exciting areas of research and development in both equine reproduction and stem cell therapy for a range of conditions. Our two research partners are the University of Newcastle under the leadership of globally renowned fertility expert Professor John Aitken and Regeneus Pty Ltd - a Sydney based biotechnology company specialising in stem cell therapy for human and veterinary applications.

A summary of the projects to be undertaken with University of Newcastle are as follows;

  1. Examination and investigation of stallions with spontaneous sub-fertility and their diagnosis with advanced sperm analysis methods. This will include investigating semen extension, oxidative stress and cryopreservation.
  2. Examination and investigtion of stallions with normal fertility parallel to the above study.
  3. Field testing of semen extension strategies and media developed by University of Newcastle following on from the above two studies - insemination of test mares held at Quipolly with fresh, chilled and cryopreserved semen.

A summary of the projects to be undertaken with Regeneus Pty Ltd;

  1. The use of stem cell therapy to treat sub-fertility in mares.
  2. The use of stem cell therapy to treat musculoskeletal disorders such as degenerative joint disease, developmental disorders such as bone systs, tendon and ligament injuries, and laminitis (founder).
  3. The use of stem cell therapy to treat miscellaneous conditions such as corneal ulcers refractory to standard therapy, skin wounds etc.

Collaboration with these world-class partners, and a motivation to be involved in research and development, places Quipolly Equine Centre at the fore-front of equine veterinary science for the benefitt of Quipolly clients.