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If your stallion has semen that will ship well, QEC offers the service of collecting then shipping doses of semen to destinations across Australia. If your stallion has a large number of mares in his book, QEC does offer the service to stand him for the season (Standing a Stallion at QEC).

Clients who live within driving distance of Quipolly Equine Centre can bring their stallions in for collection and cool shipment of semen.

If your stallion has never been collected, a test collection or training session will be required before the collection for shipment can be made. Quipolly Equine Centre can take care of billing the collection and shipment charges to clients if payment information is received before collection (see Shipping/Receiving semen from QEC).

Collection of chilled semen is billed to the client who owns the mare being bred. Please contact QEC if you would like a price list or a worked example Cost of a Chilled Semen Insemination Cycle and Pregnancy Scans.