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Each season Quipolly Equine Centre usually has several stallions standing on-site. If clients wish to breed to one of these stallions, their mare can be set up and Artificially Inseminated at QEC. This usually proves more cost effective to the mare owner as there are less shipping fees although there will be a collection fee. Additionally, freshly collected semen should be the most fertile semen available from that stallion and therefore should maximise the chance of getting your mare in foal. Mares booked for fresh semen insemination will be follicle tested and inseminated prior to ovulation. Mares may be given drugs, such as Chorulon®, to ensure ovulation. Mares are scanned after insemination to ensure the mare has ovulated and to monitor for any ‘reaction’ in the uterus (fluid) to the semen. If there is a ‘reaction’ and the mare has fluid in the uterus then the mare will be treated with the appropriate drugs to reduce this. She will be monitored and treated until these clinical signs are no longer detectable. Extra follicle tests monitoring the situation and the drugs used to treat this reaction will result in increased costs in the insemination process. It is difficult to predict whether this will happen to your mare, however if your mare has had a previous history of fluid then you should expect it to occur again.

Please contact QEC if you would like a worked example Cost of a Fresh Semen Insemination Cycle and Pregnancy Scans