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When considering using frozen semen with your mare there are several factors to think about. All the advantages of fresh or chilled artificial insemination also apply to frozen semen AI. Additionally, there may be a larger range of stallions to choose from, and the semen can be stored at QEC in advance of inseminating the mare (unlike the rush that may occur with using chilled semen). However, due to the freezing process, these sperm cells are weaker than fresh or cooled semen would be. Insemination time is critical, therefore mares using frozen semen must be monitored more frequently to pinpoint ovulation in order to give the sperm the best chance of fertilising the egg. QEC conducts follicle tests every 6 hours as the mare nears ovulation to ensure insemination takes place at the optimal time.

Increased management of frozen semen mares will generally increase the cost per cycle as compared to using fresh or chilled semen. When considering frozen semen insemination QEC recommends selecting young and fertile mares. Aged mares or mares with poor reproductive histories have significantly reduced conception rates with frozen semen insemination.

If you are considering using frozen semen with your mare, you could consider bringing your mare to QEC for a reproductive evaluation by one of our veterinarians. The QEC veterinarians will discuss the most realistic and economical options for you and your mare.

During the 2011/2012 season QEC did over 100 frozen semen inseminations. With good quality (>40% motile) frozen semen, QEC had a very good conception rate. However, there is a large range in the quality of frozen semen, and as a group the success rate with frozen semen would be less than with fresh or chilled semen.