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Mare Services > Artificial Insemination AI Overview

The artificial insemination process can involve insemination with fresh, chilled, or thawed frozen semen. Mares are monitored daily by follicle testing when in season. The mare is inseminated as close to ovulation as possible. After insemination, mares will be scanned to detect if there has been any uterine reaction to the semen (fluid) and to ensure the mare has ovulated as expected.

Veterinarians at QEC use ‘deep horn’ insemination technique. The semen is deposited deep up the uterine horn the same side as the ovary with the most dominant follicle, or both horns if there is a good follicle on each. The follicle is the fluid filled structure on the ovary containing the oocyte (egg). This technique gives the sperm the greatest chance of fertilizing the egg once it is released from the follicle.

Each of the 3 types of semen (fresh, chilled and frozen) used at QEC for artificial insemination will be discussed in more detail.