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Cool shipment of horse semen involves planning and communication on both ends; for the vet collecting the semen and the vet elsewhere who will inseminate the client mare with the shipped semen. Requests for chilled semen must be made to QEC at least one day in advance of when the semen needs be shipped (Chilled Semen Request Form). It is important to note that QEC cannot release semen for shipping until it has received authorisation from the stallion agent/owner (Semen Release form) Several options of varying price ranges are available for semen shipment including AAE Next Flight or Perishable flights and Toll Overnight. The mare owner will pay a collection fee to QEC (before semen is shipped) and will also be responsible for the semen shipper and transportation costs. If you are bringing a stallion to/from QEC for collection and shipment, appointments for collection and semen transportation arrangements must be made at least 24 hours before.