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Quipolly Equine Centre provides top of the line, professional care for your stallion. A laneway lined with beautiful trees leads to six specifically designed, individual, Uni-Rail fenced paddocks. Each yard contains a covered hutch with a swing out hay rack and grain dish access accessible from outside the paddock. The hutch area can also be shut off to enclose a stallion that tends to run the fence excessively.

Quipolly Equine Centre also offers agistment in a brand new four stall barn with turnout areas. The barn was designed for stallions with one stall in each corner for maximum safety. The horse manager and stallion handler are the only people who will handle your stallion. Both staff members have extensive experience in this area. Over the 2011/2012 season, stallion owners and trainers were extremely pleased with the condition their horses arrived home in.

Stallion care includes feeding, rugging, clipping, and bathing. Additionally, a custom built, state of the art walker is available to continue the individual fitness program of any horses needing to return into work after the breeding season. Our horse manager works carefully with each stallion owner to design the best program for his or her horse.